YAM Art Show Gallery

YAM(Youth Arts Month) is celebrated in the Plymouth Pubic Schools with a school wide student art show. The show is held at 11 North Street at the Plymouth Center for the Arts.

Congratulations to the following Federal Furnace Students who will have their artwork on display.

DSCN7909 DSCN7910 DSCN7911 DSCN7912 DSCN7913 DSCN7914 DSCN7915 DSCN7916 DSCN7917 DSCN7918 DSCN7919 DSCN7920 DSCN7921 DSCN7922 DSCN7923 DSCN7924 DSCN7925 DSCN7926 DSCN7927 DSCN7928 DSCN7929 DSCN7930 DSCN7931 DSCN7932 DSCN7933 DSCN7934 DSCN7935 DSCN7936 DSCN7937 DSCN7938 visual lighboxby VisualLightBox.com v6.0