Current Projects by Grade


On this page you will find samples and simple explanations of what your child is doing in the Art room.
Not every project that we do is represented, but this should provide you with a strong idea of what we are up to.
Ask your artist what he/she is currently working on. Encourage him/her to use his 'art words' in describing processes and projects.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or feedback that you may have.



Kindergarten has had a wonderful start transitioning into the Art room.  We have been working on Art room routines and expectations.  Most of our projects have been a refresher of the basics, how to hold scissors, paintbrush grip, gluing, and pattern tracing.  The bigger stuff will be coming along pretty soon!  Our first project, the candied apple, was a great assessment for me to see the children’s prior knowledge of these fundamental skills.


Grade One



Grade One has been working hard in the art room.  We started the year with a mini unit on the art element of line.  Lines were both drawn and cut from paper.  Our first “big” project was a self-portrait.  First graders drew themselves as an artist standing next to a popsicle stick easel holding one of their masterpieces!

Grade Two


Grade Two was introduced to the artist Henri Rousseau.  Rousseau was a self-taught artist who mainly created jungle landscapes.  We joke that he was the “Where’s Waldo” of artists.  His work often contained hidden jungle animals within it!  Second graders, created a texture painting mixing two primary colors, red and yellow.  That painted paper was used in a directed line drawing of a tiger using oil pastels.  The tiger was then cut out and glued, hidden among cut paper leaves.

Grade Three



Grade Three has been very busy making mini masterpieces inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s painting; Sunflowers.  After discussing the interesting life story of Van Gogh, students made flowers out of air dry clay.  The clay flowers were painted and placed on an oil pastel drawing of a vase. This was very delicate work, but the end result mini masterpieces are stunning!

Grade Four



Grade Four has started the year with a unit on weaving!  Our looms are painted paper plates.  We did a wet on wet painting technique to create the hilly landscape.  The looms warp lines formed a tree, the weft/weaving became the gorgeous fall colored leaves within it!  Our next weaving/fiber arts project will be weaving on hula hoops!  Be sure to swing by the Art room and check it out! We are super excited to weave in groups on giant round frame with a wide variety of materials and textures!


Grade Five


Grade Five was given the task of adding color to our drab FFES cafeteria!  Fifth graders were introduced to the contemporary artist Keith Haring.  Haring is known for his bold colorful representations of the human figure.  Fifth graders teamed up, tracing a member of their group.  The tracing was then painted in a solid bold color.  A complementary color background was then painted in black graphic lines and patterns.  Finally, the figure was cut out and mounted on the background!  I am super excited to decorate our cafeteria with our Haring inspired work!